Program Terms:

1) Buy any three (3) boxes of Eggo® products (8.4oz. or larger) in one transaction between 4/15/17-6/30/17.
2) The photo of your receipt must be submitted to by 7/15/17, 11:59:59pm PT.
3) Receipt must show retailer name, date, time, receipt total and qualifying purchases.
4) Each receipt can only qualify for one (1) reward.
5) Each receipt can only be submitted once.
6) Limit three (3) rewards per consumer for the life of the promotion.

Submission Instructions:

Place a check mark next to the following information on your receipt before taking your photo:

• Participating Store
• Date and Time
• Participating Products
• Receipt Total
• Snap a picture of your receipt, ensuring all the items are in view and in focus.

Tips on Taking Your Photo:

Flatten the receipt and place it on a dark non-reflective surface. Make sure there is enough light and that the entire receipt is in the frame. Hold the camera steady and also make sure the receipt is in focus. Review the image quality before submitting.

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